Calendar of activities in 2014 and harmonization with other projects in Tanzania - under the goal of 'Maziwa zaidi' (more milk in Swahili)

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Week in 2014
MilkIT Morogoro
MilkIT Tanga
Other 'Maziwa zaidi' projects
Africa RISING Babati


29 Dec-02 Jan

22-26 Dec

15-19 Dec

08-12 Dec

MilkIT synthesis meeting

MilkIT Project synthesis meeting in Lushoto (9-10.12.) and Dar es Salaam (11.12.) planned
01-05 Dec


24-28 Nov

FTA Gender Workshop in Nairobi (26-28), Fred participated
17-21 Nov

Farmers-Stakeholders workshop in Babati

10-14 Nov

03-07 Nov


27-31 Oct

PVA study

6th All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture in Nairobi (27-30.10.)‎; posters presented by Kimambo et al. & Wassena et al. (see Outputs and reports)
20-24 Oct

13-17 Oct
- Morogoro Dairy Platform meeting (17 Oct.); report coming soon
- Ololili scoping study

06-10 Oct

- 4th DDF meeting
- Maziwa Zaidi projects progress & planning meeting

6-7 Oct. DDF meeting with the 2nd day especially on feeds/forages/feeding in Dar es Salaam; report coming soon
8-10 Oct. Maziwa Zaidi progress and planning meeting, joint steering committee meeting in Dar es Salaam; report coming soon


29 Sep-03 Oct

22-26 Sep

Africa-Rising stakeholders-farmers Workshop
TSAP - Conference in Arusha, Fred participating
15-19 Sep

Tropentag conference (17-19.09.) in Prague, Czech Republic; presentation by Thanammal on IPs India
08-12 Sept
- Visits to follow up on IP progress in Wami Sokoine, Twatwatwa and Mbwade;
- Field visit of Manyinga farmers to Amani, Tanga

01-05 Sept

CCEE brief meeting, field visits in Morogoro (1-2 Sep.), Wrap-up meeting in Dar es Salaam (5 Sep.)

(Livestock & Fish) Commissioned External Evaluation of the Program’s Value Chain Approach


25-29 Aug

26-27 Aug. exchange visit between Mbuzii and Ubiri farmers; Report

18-22 Aug

11-15 Aug
SUA planning meeting and write shop (To work on 3 papers for publication)
15-16 Aug. Tanga Dairy platform hosts Exhibition for Tanga dairy stakeholders
13 Aug. ILRI meeting with Morogoro Regional platform

04-08 Aug

Feed sample collection & Tech-Fit survey in IP villages (Mr. Gregory Sikumba, PhD student)


28 Jul-01 Aug
Feed sample collection & Tech-Fit survey in IP villages (Mr. Gregory Sikumba, PhD student)

21-25 July

14-18 July
FEAST data analysis (15-18 July)
Wami Sokoine IP meeting (18 July)

07-11 July

30 Jun-04 Jul


23-27 June
- Morogoro Dairy Platform meeting (24.06.); Report
- Visit to all Morogoro villages by Brigitte & Fred (27-28.06.); Report
Visit to Handeni villages by Alan & An Notenbaert (27-28.06.); Report
DVC planning 2015

Dairy Value Chain planning meeting for 2015 of CGIAR Livestock & Fish Program in Dar es Salaam (25-26.06.)
In Morogoro a meeting on Pasture Seed Production took place (26-28.06.) - Fred participated
16-20 June

09-13 June

02-06 June


26-30 May

Maziwa Week in Musoma, Mara Region

28.05.-01.06.; Paper presented by Fred Wassena
19-23 May

12-16 May
Farmers training on feeds & feeding; pasture establishment, management, utilization and conservation in 3 villages by researchers from SUA (Profs. Kimambo & Laswai) and TALIRI-Tanga and -Mpwapwa (Mr. Valentine J. Urassa, Mr. Innocent Bakengesa, and Mr. Samweli Mngulu)

05-09 May


28 Apr-02 May
- Training on Gender mentoring & mainstreaming by HiMWA;
- Visit to all Morogoro village IPs by Ben & Alan (28-29.04.; Trip report

  • 02.05 Deadline for submissions to Tropentag 2014
  • 30.04. Deadline for submissions to 6th AACAA in Nairobi, Kenya
21-25 April
Morogoro Dairy Platform meeting (25.04.) facilitated by G. Bwana; Report

14-18 April

07-11 April

- Farmers Training on animal husbandry, housing, feeds & feeding and fodder conservation in Handeni & Lushoto (10-11.04) by TALIRI-Tanga researchers; Report
- Tanga Dairy Platform meeting (10.04.)

31 Mar-04 Apr


24-28 March
IP training by G. Bwana (27-28.03.) in Kilosa & Mvomero; Report

Departure Diep Pham - end of internship for assessing IP performance in Tanga
17-21 March
Planting of demo plots & training of farmers in Mbwade and Wami Sokoine villages
- IP training by G. Bwana in Handeni & Lushoto (20-21.03.); Report
- Visit to all Tanga village IPs by Brigitte & Julius (20-21.03.); Report
ML&E meeting in Tanga

MoreMilkIT Review & Planning and joint Steering Committee (SC) meeting (17-19.03.); Report
10-14 March

03-07 March

Sourcing Brachiaria cv. Mulato-II & visit push-pull Heifer project in Lake zone

ADOPT project on push-pull system; see trip report by Fred Wassena


24-28 Feb

CIAT Scientific Retreat (24-25.02. Nairobi - Fred participated)
17-21 Feb
- Testing viability of Clitoria ternatea & Stylosanthes on station;
- Sourcing Buffel grass in Vikuge farm/ Kibaha
Planting of forage demo plots in Handeni & farmer training 17-19 Feb.

10-14 Feb
Layout of demo plots in Wami Sokoine
Planting of forage demo plots in Lushoto & farmer training 12-13 Feb.
DVC planning meeting at ILRI 10.02.

03-07 Feb

Setting up feed interventions- identifying interest farms & farmers
DDF meeting

3rd DDF mtg. in Kunduchi (06.02.)


27-31 Jan
- Visit to demo farm & identification of farmers' Olalili in Wami Sokoine;
- Layout of demo plots in Mbwade

Planting forages in 2 villages except Long village
'Olalili' is a traditional dry season forage reserve, fenced area, by the Maasai
20-24 Jan
Project coordination meeting

MilkIT Coordination mtg. in Morogoro (22-24.01.)
13-17 Jan

06-10 Jan

30 Dec-03 Jan

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