Final Review and Outreach Meeting - Lushoto and Dar-es-Salaam 9-11 Dec 2014


  • Tanzania
    • Brigitte Maass, CIAT-Kenya
    • Fred Wassena, CIAT-Tanzania
    • Julius Bwire, TALIRI
    • Walter Mangesho, TALIRI
    • Germana Laswai, SUA (only in Dar es Salaam)
    • A.E. Kimambo, SUA
  • India
    • Nils Teufel, ILRI-Kenya
    • Thanammal Ravichandran, ILRI-India
    • Brama Kant Bhatt - Technical head, UGVS-ILSP
    • Shankar Devtalla, INHERE
    • Padma Kumar, ILRI-India
    • Ahmed Iqbal, CDO
  • Resource people
    • Alan Duncan, ILRI-Ethiopia
    • Peter Ballantyne, ILRI-Ethiopia
    • Amos Omore, ILRI-Tanzania
    • Ben Lukuyu, ILRI-Kenya - linking with AfricaRISING in Babati
    • Birthe Paul, CIAT-Kenya - continuation of research
    • Aimable Ntukanyagwe, IFAD-Kigali (only in Dar es Salaam)

Meeting objectives

  • To review overall project progress on MilkIT project and some S-S learning
  • To reflect on project outcomes at the level of:
    • Feed interventions
    • Platforms/markets
    • Use of feed assessment tools
  • To share project results and lessons with the wider dairy stakeholder community
  • To think about next steps in building on project results in future activities
    • To assess progress in influencing local partners in taking up various lessons




Collated rough group notes:


Tue morning (09/12/2014 - Lushoto)

Introductions, reporting of results - review progress against activities and outputs listed in work-plans

08:30 Welcomes and Introductions
09:00 Introducing to the project and what it sought to achieve - Alan - PRESENTATION
09:30 Quick exercise on what project objectives and intended results and outcomes

09:45 Exercise - 'me and milkit' - Participants mapped all sorts of activities that took place along the life of the project

10:30 Break

11:00 Tanzania report - outputs, products, lessons - PRESENTATION

11:45 India report - outputs, products, lessons - PRESENTATION

13:00 Lunch

Tue afternoon (09/12/2014 - Lushoto)

Diving deeper into lessons results, outcome pathways, developing project story and how project evolved differently in the two countries. Identifying spillover

14:00 'MilkIT memories' - Identifying and synthesizing key products and outputs and lessons.

For each of 6 milkIT research areas, participants zoomed in on results and achievements
  • What did we achieve?
  • What key insights and lessons
  • What key messages (for an outsider)

  1. Diagnostics and VCA and mapping (often with IPs; e.g. FEAST)
  2. Multi-stakeholder IP establishment and facilitation/participation (at different levels)
  3. Action research4D and demonstration interventions (typically with IPs)
  4. Capacity development, knowledge sharing and training interventions (typically with IPs)
  5. Engaging and linking and partnering with other actors and initiatives to scale/extend/spillover the IP approach;
  6. Engaging and linking and partnering with other actors and initiatives to extend actual interventions

15:30 Break

16:00 Outcomes and impacts - now and projected
For each of the countries, participants discussed outcomes realized.
  • What outcomes can we already observe?
  • Which outcomes do we expect in the near future? Through this project or indirectly?
  • Which outcomes were we not able to initiate or stimulate?

  1. India
  2. Tanzania

A rapid list of ongoing and future initiatives and projects was identified in each country where MilkIT messages and research is likely to continue.

  • ILSP/IFAD (designing) [intervention thru IP]
  • NABARD/Anchal [interventions thru IP]
  • L&F gender and institutions project [IP]
  • L&F Bihar dairy VC [intervention thru IP]
  • CSISA 3 Bihar plus (idea)
  • ELKS 3 Vidharba dairy VC [IP]
  • CCAFS climate adaptation [IP]
  • IFAD India [intervention thru IP]

  • WUR [business model/feed/risk/interventions]
  • More MilkiT [interventions, hubs -?- IP]
  • L&F
    • IPs – consultant [IP]
    • Technical interventions: forage marketing, forages [interventions]
    • Ololili/gender (proposed) [interventions thru IP]
    • L&F gender and institutions project (proposed) [IP]
  • GIZ small grant – Lushoto [interventions thru IP]
  • USAID linkage/WSU – Babati/Lushoto [interventions thru IP]
  • CCAFS lushoto climate smart forages [interventions thru IP]
  • IFAD-CIAT climate smart forages (proposed) [interventions thru IP]
  • IFAD-ILRI land coalition (proposed) [interventions thru IP]
  • ILSSI – USAID [interventions]
  • Africa RISING TZ [interventions; R4D platform]
  • More IFAD stuff potentially

17:00 Synthesis of the day
Participants discussed and agreed a set of project products to work on

17:45 End

Wed morning (10/12/2014 - Lushoto)

  • Field visit: forage plots, talk to farmers on forage interventions (silage, hay); include IP members on field visit to discuss activities beyond feed interventions.

Departure from hotel in Lushoto

Visit a demo plot and nearby farmer plot in Ubiri
Meet with IP members in Ubiri village to hear from them and discuss experiences

Visit a demo plot and nearby farmer plot in Mbuzii
Meet with IP members in Mbuzii village to hear from them and discuss experiences

Departure to Dar es Salaam
Lunch on the way

Thu morning (11/12/2014 - Dar es Salaam)

Synthesizing material from Tuesday for stakeholder/outreach meeting in Dar es Salaam

Thu afternoon - 14:00-17:00h (11/12/2014 - Dar es Salaam)

Stakeholder meeting


13:00 Lunch with guests
14:00 Welcomes; project Intro; process intro PRESENTATION
14:30 ‘Bus stops’ with participants
  • IPs to identify (and act on) promising solutions to dairy development Thannamal Brigitte Julius Bhatt - see poster
  • Linking technical/market interventions Nils Alan Walter Kimambo Iqbal - see poster
  • Using feed diagnostic and prioritization tools to target interventions Pulling the technology leading to actual feed interventions that worked Ben Fred Shankar Germana - see poster
  • Fishbowl: Partnerships to scale approaches and results

16:30 Closing – Amos

See various photos under: towards the bottom